Meter Data Management (MDM) Systems

A Meter Data Management (MDM) system stores, analyzes, and displays building energy data. At a minimum, MDM provides hourly whole-building electric data that are web accessible, with analytical and graphical capabilities. The MDM system, in each particular case, is extended in order to meet the envisioned system’s requirements and is used from the project web portal in order to retrieve data from electrical energy meters. Energy consumption data from energy meters are being collected through the iBox and are sent, every 15 minutes, to the MDM system.

Gamification Principles in BiG

One of the challenges of Behavioral-based Learning is that not only is it hard to change people’s habits and build a prevailing organizational culture, it is also very difficult to find a platform that can be adopted and used by an organization. This is why the interface and the feel of an app must be developed so as to be easy and engaging for users. In order to have tangible results, it is essential that players participate and interact with the content and in doing so learn.

BiG Platform Features

The objective of BiG is a dual one. By using this platform, an organization is able to reduce its overall energy consumption through behavioral change and thus save money. At the same time, it is able to raise environmental awareness among its premises’ occupants in an efficient and entertaining way.

Smart Power Meters

The smart metering infrastructure on which we base our applications is capable of offering a series of services, including the following: