BiG Platform Features

The objective of BiG is a dual one. By using this platform, an organization is able to reduce its overall energy consumption through behavioral change and thus save money. At the same time, it is able to raise environmental awareness among its premises’ occupants in an efficient and entertaining way.

Smart Power Meters

The smart metering infrastructure on which we base our applications is capable of offering a series of services, including the following:

IPv6 Revisited

In a previous article we characterized IPv6 technology as the “Green Enabler”; in this one we will try to justify this characterization in more detail.  

Intelen Launches Upgraded Engagement Analytics Platform

Advanced education-oriented engagement platforms can lead to efficient behavioral analytics.

Intelen is seeking to overcome the restrictions imposed by many of the efficiency solutions currently available on the market. By correlating human behavioral input with energy consumption, as well as with other building metadata and environmental and sustainability factors, and by analyzing this information using behavioral science models, Intelen has developed a behavioral learning system that can be used by organizations to promote efficiency, raise awareness on environmental and energy efficiency issues, and spread knowledge on related topics.