Energy consumption modeling through an artificial intelligence approach

One of the most important aspects of power systems is electricity demand forecasting. Load forecasting can be long-term, mid-term and short-term. Long-term forecasts of the peak electricity demand are required for capacity planning and maintenance scheduling. Medium-term demand forecasts are important for power system operation and planning. Short-term load forecasts are needed for the control and scheduling of power systems.

Data science for energy efficient decision making

In Wall Street Journal’s “5 Things CEOs are Worried About in 2014” the first and possibly most important “worry” that American Electric Power’s N. Akins -among others- has, is energy cost reduction. Energy has always been a key factor that can decisively shape both operational and strategic performance for businesses of all sizes and markets. Especially during the last decade its importance has become increasingly evident and will continue to do so as both capital and natural resources diminish dramatically.

Intelen integrates Continental Control Systems smart meters

Intelen Inc. announced today the complete integration of Continental Control Systems’ WattNode® Modbus® meter onto its energy monitoring and engagement platforms, bringing up the number of major energy metering brands the company can readily draw data from, to four.

Intelen Platinum Sponsor of the Networked Grid 2013, moving to New York and announcing US entry and products

Intelen, the leading start-up in building analytics and game mechanics applications for energy efficiency, announces that the company will be the Platinum sponsor for the upcoming Networked Grid event (March 19-21) in Los Angeles, produced by Greentechmedia.

The Networked Grid 2013 will bring together an unprecedented number of forward-thinking utility executives and industry visionaries to discuss this market evolution. It is also the only conference that brings together all of the research of the smart grid practice of GTM Research.