Intelen announces its participation in the European Utility Week in Vienna - EUW2015 - as a Strategic Sponsor

Intelen announces its participation in the European Utility Week in Vienna - EUW2015 - as a Strategic Sponsor

Starting on November 3rd, European Utility Week will host more than 500 Utility representatives and 400 speakers within a 3-day event. Therein, top management representatives of the energy sector will have the chance to present innovative solutions in the domains of Grid & Renewable Integration, Energy Storage, Smart Homes & End User Engagement, Smart Metering as well as the trends in Big Data, Analytics & IoT.

Among them, on November 4rth at 15:00 in Hub Session 47, Dr. Vassilis Nikolopoulos, CEO and co-founder of Intelen, will give a talk about Intelen’s DiG engagement platform results and its potential for energy savings, demand response and customer engagement. He will explain with case studies and numbers how utilities can engage effectively their customers, drive energy efficiency and behavioral DR events and eventually produce alternative revenue models within a digital community.

Utilities, being under a digital transformation phase, seek ways to “lock-in” their customers, reduce their churn, boost their revenues and take advantage of unique cross-sell opportunities.

"We are offering a unique engagement framework and a SaaS platform to validate and execute this framework in order to enhance the digital transformation process of the utility market» quotes Vassilis Nikolopoulos. "Building digital consumer communities and producing sustained engagement results for Utilities, is a big challenge."

Major enhancements brought with DiG platform, create a unique web and digital mobile experience for end-users and enable utilities to meet their customers’ needs as never before. At its core, personalization, gamification, serious games, a behavioral data-driven design and valuable analytics are all components of a dynamic customer-centric solution that leads quantitative efficiency targets and drives perceived satisfaction.

As the call for global energy efficiency has become urgent and regulations have set new rules for utility players, it is crucial to build a bridge of trust between utilities and their customers in this new digital era, with mutual benefits and objectives. DiG gets together the two sides and opens a new communication channel that promises sustainable results.

Intelen’s team will be more than happy to meet visitors at Stand B.d51, let them experience DiG platform and explain the value-added services for the new digital utility market

For more info contact:

Ms. Manto Papagianni, Head of Product Division
Mr. Sotiris Efthimiou, Business Development Manager


About Intelen Inc: Intelen is a software intelligent technology provider delivering integrated SaaS solutions for the digital transformation of the energy utility sector. Holding four international patents, two award winning mobile apps and numerous innovation awards, Intelen continues to design state-of-the-art solutions for engaging its end-users into digital energy efficiency and enabling its utility executives to easily monitor the progress of their customers. More @

About DiG SaaS: Intelen’s flagship product, a modular award winning SaaS platform (web and mobile application including analytics Admin panel) especially designed for Energy Utilities to help and enhance their transformation to a digital service provider. DiG aims in high level consumer engagement and loyalty, through various approaches using game mechanics (gamification), data analytics, customer awareness and segmentation, consumption patterns and disaggregation, in order to reduce churn rate and increase sales and satisfaction.

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