Intelen announces new Social and enhanced Personalization product features for its flagship DiG SaaS engagement platform

Intelen announces new Social and enhanced Personalization product features for its flagship DiG SaaS engagement platform

The new digital engagement era requires advanced personalization to keep users happy and engaged in offered services in the long run. DiG now offers a comprehensive set of personalized dynamic messages and alerts, generated by integrated rule-based algorithms and machine learning procedures. User-platform interactions and various other behavioural data sources are logged and analyzed in order to adapt and fine-tune the platform’s user experience and at the same time  keep users informed and engaged from a 360-utility point of view. Personalization is also applied to the gamification, digital content and cross-selling marketplace dashboards over various digital channels (push notifications, emails, in-app alerts, web alerts, etc). Through the Data Analytics admin panel, utility executives can analyze digital interactions in order to extract useful insights down to the community and individual engagement layers.

DiG has also new Social network features, so that utility users can form digital communities under the utility’s umbrella. Consumers can interact with each other, have their own timeline, share activities on popular social networks, follow other users, check their timeline and profile pages, see how they perform in various games, consult their efficiency scores/rewards and gaming levels and also interact on the marketplace dashboard.

One of the platform’s unique differentiation features is that it can be deployed with or equally importantly without the presence of smart meters and can achieve significant initial engagement metrics by building, educating and incentivizing digitally interactive communities of utility consumers”, says Dr. Dimos Kothris, Head of Product and Innovation at Intelen.
“Our engagement framework is human-centric, so we put humans in the centre and their education level about energy and sustainability. Any additional utility smart meter rollout can be transparently and smoothly integrated into our platform to enhance even more customer engagement and satisfaction”, explains Sotiris Efthimiou, Business Development Manager at Intelen.


DiG SaaS has already produced some high initial engagement results during recent deployments, in utilities without smart meters, based on behavioural-based learning, gamified crowd-feeding functionalities (meter readings pushing by users, appliances registration, etc) and digital interactions. Gamification and cross-selling marketplace sustains that engagement to the maximum degree and drives end user efficiency.

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Mr. Sotiris Efthimiou, Business Development Manager


About Intelen Inc: Intelen is a software intelligent technology provider delivering integrated data-driven SaaS solutions for the digital transformation of the energy utility sector. Holding of international patents, two award winning mobile apps and numerous innovation awards, Intelen continues to design state-of-the-art solutions for engaging its end-users into digital energy efficiency and enabling its utility executives to easily monitor and engage with their customers.
About DiG SaaS: Intelen’s flagship product, a modular award winning SaaS platform (web and mobile application including analytics Admin panel) especially designed for Energy Utilities to help and enhance their transformation to a digital service provider. DiG aims to provide high level consumer engagement and loyalty, through various approaches using game mechanics (gamification), data analytics, customer awareness and segmentation, consumption patterns and disaggregation, in order to reduce churn rate and increase sales and satisfaction.