The Art of Data Analysis and Visualization

The Art of Data Analysis and Visualization

Vasilis Nikolopoulos   CEO
 Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Entrepreneur | Researcher | Innovator | Advisor: Analytics to engage

Usually we talk about data analysis, analytics, algorithms and how to extract knowledge and interactions from tons of unstructured data. Which algorithm is the optimal one, faster and more reliable. Which mathematical model fits the best and if we have false positives or biased outputs...and so on.

However, lets say that you have your outputs, you have the best analytics middleware and the best machine learning algorithm. How are you going to present them?

Data visualization and in general data and knowledge interpretation is a very hot domain and there are startups raising big money in that space; data and in general data-driven information and knowledge needs "multi-dimensional skills" and the human brain is not built to treat multi-dimensional information easily...

So you need very good analytics/cross-business and graphical skills, to combine the algorithmic outputs and the hidden correlated information with the actual value proposition and the business KPIs.

In our platform (DiG:, data analytics functions and algorithms analyse tons of data and digital user interactions from many internal and external utility sources and create some amazing customer metrics, including loyalty KGIs and many more behavioral, energy and financial metrics...after that, visualization is the next step, to present results in a very informative manner and nice info graphics to utility execs, so that they can understand them and derive useful business information out of them...

Recently, these Intelen/DiG data analytics and visualization procedures won the global prize from Prezi at the 2017 Global Prezi awards.

You can see more and the full DiG Data Analytics report @
Kudos to Anna Kesmiri for this great presentation!

One important thing to note about our utility loyalty system and framework (DiG) is this: in all loyalty systems you need a "customer basket" or a "customer sales journey" in order to analyse it and perform any "market basket analysis" and link it with loyalty and rewards.

In utilities, this "basket" does not exist, so at Intelen we are creating it, using DiG platform user digital interactions and our mobile app with the virtual game mechanics accounts and serious games...

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