Intelen is recognised as EU best practice in eco-innovation by OECD

Intelen is recognised as EU best practice in eco-innovation by OECD

300px OECD logo.svg The Committee for Industry, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) looks at economic behavior at firm and sectoral levels to complement macro-level analyses by other OECD bodies. It examines developments in industry, issues of industrial adaptation, and trends in related policies.

Intelen will be present in Copenhagen (18-20 Jan 2012) in order to present the specific application model and innovation to a special event organised by the European Commission and OECD (agenda).

The disruptive model was first applied to the pilot project The Power Of Ten in ten schools in Athens (Feb – May 2011), achieving efficiency and savings over 38% in 10 weeks, by changing only social energy behaviors in real-time. The social network effect and specific Intelen social-power algorithmics over Web 2.0 smart metering, raised energy awareness among students and by entering in a real-time competition, they managed to reduce their energy consumption over 38% in average. Also, the same model won the World Smart Grid Innovation contest by Siemens in 2011 and is now being applied to various Commercial and Industrial customers in Greece and Cyprus.

Soon the optimized model will be applied by Intelen to specific projects in Europe and USA.

The specific model, system and method together with the generated services is under a patent pending procedure by the US Patent Office.