Intelen announces successful IPv6 AMR and MDM technical roll-out

Intelen announces successful IPv6 AMR and MDM technical roll-out

Intelen’s local IPv6 OS is also capable of executing complex local data steam procedures and analytics algothims, on the local AMR data stream, enabling “event-driven distributed architectures” and KPI-push mechanisms for smart grid real-time point2point data management.

By enabling IPv6 P2P in the current AMI infrastructures, this will increase service reliability as well as efficiency for energy data management and control. In addition, Smart grid added-value social applications will further increase the energy awareness and cause behavioral changes of the building communities. Motivation techniques for energy customer engagement will be boosted, using direct access over IPv6.

Deploying IPv6 for grid communications is a foundational architectural decision that can lead to the kind of interoperability, manageability and future proofing utilities want.

To achieve open standards for the grid, especially for protocols running over physical networks like low power radio mesh or powerline carrier, there has been a real need for a true IP-based open stack. Current solutions may range from near monolithic, nonlayered proprietary protocols to partial implementations of IP, such as simple IP addressing at the network layer. IPv6 covers an extensive set of functions and requirements from how to compress the headers and communicate management traffic to how to deploy routing protocols through the modern mesh AMR networks.

Intelen’s private cloud upgraded as well to IPv6-enabled, giving the opportunity to the Intelen Energy Analyitics Cloud system to connect to IPv6 AMR systems and obtain a point2point real-time stream connectivity and advanced Big Data Analytics procedures.