Recent Intelen consumer Utility engagement results, based on DiG

Recent Intelen consumer Utility engagement results, based on DiG

Provided by Intelen, DiG is a compact data-driven SaaS platform for the utility space that leverages advanced game mechanics and behavioral analytics to deliver optimal customer engagement and sustained customer satisfaction.

Based on a complete behavioral design framework, DiG is comprised by three main components. First comes gamification. DiG utilizes gamification techniques such as reward structures, positive reinforcement, and subtle feedback loops alongside mechanics like points, badges, levels, challenges, and leaderboards to turn learning experience into a game that will entail energy efficiencies, improved peak response and higher levels of customer loyalty.

Intelen's SaaS DiG Admin Panel (for Utilities, see below) has all the data and KPIs available in order to track efficiently the engagement and awareness timeline of all users, individually. DiG can cross-correlate information and real time data received from Intelen's mobile app and web interfaces + any other 3rd party data stream (smart home dashboards, smart thermos, plugs, etc)

Second comes the social aspect that can act as a boost on users’ engagement. Presenting end-users with their peers’ progress and activities is sufficient to trigger inner motivational chords.

Third component is customization. One of the most effective ways to persuade an end user is to provide personalized services. Understanding users and their needs is indeed challenging but is only the one side of the coin. The second implies to be ready to design a product that is so powerful that can sustain personalization. Create features in order to provide a service with the maximum value for the users.

Intelen has a very attractive mobile app (DiG app) in order to engage more the utility consumers, by offering disaggregation, game mechs and many energy management features

At its core, Intelen’s gamification takes into account multiple learning theories that indicate evidence on motivating users perform sustainable behaviors. Among them, task based learning that assumes practice and action as essentials in order for a desired behavior to be taught, subliminal learning that suggests knowledge to be acquired even in an unconscious way as well as social learning that implies people to learn not only from their own experiences (trials, errors), but also from other social models and other people (ex. family, friends, colleagues and people in the public eye).

Lastly, by utilizing granular and real-time energy data, Intelen provides instantaneous feedback on energy consumption and feed a recommendation system that reverts to users personalized tips on how to achieve energy efficiency and reduce their peak demand.