GREY Intelen relocates to NY

About Intelen

Based in New York, USA, we aim to provide business and people with powerful tools that transform real – time energy data into information that makes sense and drives energy consumption reduction and efficiency through real, long lasting engagement. To do that, we have developed our Intelen DiG Engagement Platform for utilities' customers, which combines a range of  historical, statistical, consumption, behavioural, demographic data with powerful algorithms that enable to identify with accuracy and precision when, where and how energy is consumed, to better segment customers and to generate targeted marketing campaigns based on customer profile.

Born out of a doctorate research in applied mathematics, Intelen Inc., was officially founded in 2011 as a dynamic startup set to revolutionize the energy analytics industry. Three funding rounds and four international patents later, we are a rapidly growing company and an innovator in energy analytics and customer engagement with two award winning mobile apps, numerous innovation awards, and many happy, efficient clients on both sides of the Atlantic.