A growing startup: Intelen’s case

A startup’s main philosophy has to do with high ambition, innovativeness, scalability, and growth. In order to achieve all these objectives a lot of effort is needed, with its ups and downs. One could argue that it’s a long and enduring process with a lot of surprises along the way that give you the strength to carry on.

Intelen announces its strategic partnership with Intrasoft International

(New York, Brussels, Athens - 15 Dec 2015) Intelen, the rapidly expanding B2B SaaS provider of energy efficiency and customer engagement for utility providers, is proud to announce its new strategic partnership with INTRASOFT International, a leading European IT Solutions and Services Group, aiming at promoting Intelen DiG SaaS engagement platform and services for Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. 

“When Energy Efficiency becomes a real Game”

When it comes to cost-effective and fast solutions to seal the “Green deal” and promote the energy efficiency, governments often pick public policies that leverage principles from behavioral economics and psychology. Many of these policies are related to retrofits and considered as ‘one-off’ remedies.

Proceeding to structural changes to make your home more energy efficient or replacing old inefficient appliances are both actions that fall into that category.

Intelen at the EUW15

Last week in Vienna was amazing. Intelen, Inc. participated as an exhibitor in European Utility Week (EUW) event for the first time.