IPv6 – The Green Enabler

To date, the many recent advances in energy metering technology and the design of more energy efficient equipment have only been partially adopted by public and residential buildings. One of the reasons that limits their adoption is that their internetworking is often difficult to implement due to the lack of public IPv4 addresses (and the use of NAT technologies, which complicate things) and the difficulties encountered in configuring the network of devices.

Gathering and Processing Energy Consumption Data From Public Educational Buildings over IPv6

Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions in order to address climate change requires behavioral changes by the citizens, who will have to adopt more environmentally friendly and energy-saving practices. As buildings account for about 40% of total energy consumption and emissions, improving the energy behavior of their occupants is a key factor for achieving the desired climate and energy objectives.

Intelen raises a 3rd round of $1,6M to grow more in a global scale

(New York, June 2, 2014) Intelen, Inc., the leading New York-based startup offering SaaS platforms (BiG, DiG) for energy analytics and engagement for Utilities and C&I customers, received a 3rd investment round of $1,6M by existing and new Angel investors. The money will be used to boost more Intelen’s growth in a global scale.

Captology loves us! Applications as persuasive tools

Have you ever wondered why people use their mobile devices to “check-in” into venues, using apps like Foursquare, Yelp, Gowala or Facebook Places? Why others use fitness tracking apps that congratulate them and post their athletic accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter? Why some expense tracking apps work and others don’t?