Data Fusion theory for smart grids (R&D white paper by Intelen)

One of the main problems of modern Big Data theory applied to the energy domain, is that we need to extract correlations and combine variable states and situations in real-time. Those correlations are nor static but dynamic and are extremely difficult to be tracked in billions of streaming data. A stochastic building consumption that represents a customer can be correlated in the time-domain with other consumptions (thousands of them) but this may happen in one specific time-slot throughout a day or a week.

Singular Project: enhancing microgrid analytics and DR-RES to balance grid and

A large share of the recent renewable energy sources (RES) installed capacity has already taken place in insular electricity grids, since these regions are preferable due to their high RES potential. SINGULAR investigates the effects of large-scale integration of renewables and demand-side management on the planning and operation of insular (non-interconnected) electricity grids, proposing efficient measures, solutions and tools towards the development of a sustainable and smart grid.

IPv6 smart metering and MDM for energy efficiency use case study (GEN6 project)

This case study regards work in progress regarding the implementation of the Greek pilot within the framework of the GEN6 project (number 261584 – that is co-funded by the European Commission under the ICT Policy Support Programme (PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme (CIP). The current section actually is based mainly on the Deliverable D3.2 “Requirement Analysis for Power of 10” of the GEN6 project with the addition of some latest results of the project.

Intelen presents the first official report on IPv6 AMR and behavioral DR in ten schools in Athens

Intelen is presenting, in collaboration with CTI Patras (Hellenic Schools Network), GRNET (IPv6 infrastructure provider) and the Power Of Ten project, some results from the 1st IPv6 application on smart metering and behavioral DR, in ten Greek schools. 50 more schools will be integrated and some hundreds ofcommercial customers will follow, using a combination of game-mechs and behavioral DR with Auto-DR.

Intelen announces successful IPv6 AMR and MDM technical roll-out

Intelen, the leading Greek start-up in smart grid 2.0 IT services, announced today the successful technical roll-out of IPv6 metering installations and upgrades with bi-directional point2point connectivity over Intelen’s IPv6 Private MDM 2.0 Cloud.

Intelen’s unique AMR embedded API device (micro-PC with Intelen OS kernel) is capable of upgrading existing AMR technology that uses Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Web TCP and DLMS standards (over serial or ethernet connections) to real-time IPv6 Meters that connect to the Cloud in a bi-directional way, over ADSL or GPRS/3G connection.