Intelen announces successful IPv6 AMR and MDM technical roll-out

Intelen, the leading Greek start-up in smart grid 2.0 IT services, announced today the successful technical roll-out of IPv6 metering installations and upgrades with bi-directional point2point connectivity over Intelen’s IPv6 Private MDM 2.0 Cloud.

Intelen’s unique AMR embedded API device (micro-PC with Intelen OS kernel) is capable of upgrading existing AMR technology that uses Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Web TCP and DLMS standards (over serial or ethernet connections) to real-time IPv6 Meters that connect to the Cloud in a bi-directional way, over ADSL or GPRS/3G connection.

Intelen is recognised as EU best practice in eco-innovation by OECD

Intelen, the leading Greek start-up in smart grid 2.0 services, is recognised as an EU best practice in eco-innovation by OECD. Intelen’s disruptive models for the use of social networks and real-time social game mechanics (over smart metering and stream data analysis to adapt game scenarios) for shaping energy demand and optimizing energy efficiency / savings using human energy behavioral dynamics, was among the recognised best innovation models in EU.

Social sites see games as key to power grid savings

Robert McGarvey interviews Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Intelen, Inc. co-founder and CEO

Can Vasillis Nikolopoulos do what Larry Page, Steve Ballmer, and John Chambers could not? That trio of tech titans has thrown in the towel when it comes to harnessing computer innovation to lower our energy consumption.

Intelen secures seed round of $250,000 from Greek angel investors

Intelen, the leading Greek start-up in Web 2.0 smart grid applications, announced today that it has closed a Seed Round of $250.000, by Greek Angel Investors, coming from the Construction, Energy and IT market. The start-up company, which has already world class recognitions (Red Herring Europe & Global winners 2010, Silicon Valley Launch 2011, etc) and was finalist for the top-100 emerging start-ups (Guidewire), will use much of the funding to promote and put the services and products in the market, targeting medium and large business customers (commercial & industrial).