Intelen announces its strategic partnership with Intrasoft International

Intelen announces its strategic partnership with Intrasoft International

Intelen DiG SaaS platform is the new "smart" digital energy and engagement platform designed for energy providers and their customers. DiG helps consumers rationalizing the use of their energy consumption and, thus, driving savings by providing high quality digital information services, data-driven strategy, marketing and awareness.

In particular, DiG is a modular, flexible and cloud-based platform that offers a wide range of functionalities, among others, explanatory graphs to monitor and analyze energy consumption and costs (bill management), educational content on energy efficiency and sustainability topics through recommendations, gamification, questionnaires (surveys) and personalized digital educational material. Also cross-selling services are included in the platform, allowing users to get personalized vouchers, rewards and prizes based on DiG virtual currencies and gamification offerings.

DiG web app is responsively designed for tablets and is accompanied with a native mobile app available in Google Play and App Store. Intelen’s DiG platform will surpass 1 million home and SME users in 2016 and already manages over 2.000 energy and contextual/engagement interactions data from connected SMEs

The new energy era requires the transformation of power companies to providers of personalized digital services based on intelligent data management and energy savings. Intelen with its long-time experience in the field of energy together with INTRASOFT’s International wide affiliate network will contribute to and guide this technological transformation towards an era of digital data and services. The strategic alliance with INTRASOFT International expands both companies’ vision and technological innovation to the EMEA region.

For more info contact:

Ms. Manto Papagianni, Head of Product Division

Mr. Sotiris Efthimiou, Business Development Manager


About Intelen Inc: Intelen is a software intelligent technology provider delivering integrated SaaS solutions for the digital transformation of the energy utility sector. Holding four international patents, two award winning mobile apps and numerous innovation awards, Intelen continues to design state-of-the-art solutions for engaging its end-users into digital energy efficiency and enabling its utility executives to easily monitor the progress of their customers. More @

About DiG SaaS: Intelen’s flagship product, a modular award winning SaaS platform (web and mobile application including analytics Admin panel) especially designed for Energy Utilities to help and enhance their transformation to a digital service provider. DiG aims in high level consumer engagement and loyalty, through various approaches using game mechanics (gamification), data analytics, customer awareness and segmentation, consumption patterns and disaggregation, in order to reduce churn rate and increase sales and satisfaction.

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