How we transform a Utility to a Digital Service Provider

How we transform a Utility to a Digital Service Provider

Vasilis Nikolopoulos   CEO
 Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Entrepreneur | Researcher | Innovator | Advisor: Analytics to engage

Utilities are under a huge transformation and the new digital era will enhance this transformation to a digital service provider. This change will affect the services and of course the basic traditional business models: Utilities need new revenue generation, they need to better understand their customers, to know them better, to analyze them, to inspire them and to follow the current digital marketing trends. They also need to support the new disruptions in the smart grid space (Storage, IoT, EVs, Mobility, Sharing economy, Digital communities, DER, etc).


Intelen will announce at the European Utility Week in Barcelona(15-17 November @ at booth 3C140 an updated Data and Services Administration Panel of the DiG SaaS platform ( Based on a very strong data analytics engine (analyzing millions of digital consumer mobile interactions, utility data, psycho-graphics, surveys, questionnaires, gamification inputs, sensor inputs, etc) Utility executives, marketeers and people responsible for data-driven Utility engagement strategy will be able to build marketing and mobile personalized campaigns (marketing, social, CSR, volunteering, etc), analyze trends, execute high level analytics, combine campaigns with games and rewards, provide vertical ESCO Energy Efficiency services to SMEs/C&Is and in general support a very important transformation: the data-driven Service Provider transformation.

Some updated Admin DiG features include:

  • Advanced customer and Meter analytics
  • Dynamic Billing information on receivables and payable (bill expiration & paid on time statistics per meter type, average income per meter type, total income, delays, revenue projections, etc)
  • Customer status, registration and deactivation timeline
  • Group statistics and Notifications' statistics
  • Contact form information and statistics (Voice of Customer, Support, upcoming ChatBot)
  • Meter readings registration information and statistics
  • Campaigns' statuses
  • Campaign management
  • Analytics' comparisons per segmented group and per period
  • Energy analytics C&I Customer profiling per day (and hour) of the week according to the season
  • Energy correlation with weather
  • Energy forecasting algorithm

The new version of Intelen DiG Administration Panel and Intelen DiG Web and Mobile front-end, has a highly enhanced UIX, updated data mining and machine learning algorithms to support analytics and capabilities of analyzing and measuring campaign outputs and data coming from various sources (mobile, meters, etc).

One of the biggest advantages of DiG is that Utility execs can manage, create, analyze and visualize analytics and data-driven campaigns/reports and at the same time get immediate feedback on the customer results and marketing data since all consumers experience this digital journey on a unified digital platform: in other words in DiG you can analyze, design and get feedback on your results in real-time!

Currently Intelen is discussing some strong partnerships to enhance a lot the campaign and Utility customer journey functionalities to the highest professional level so that Utilities under a unified digital platform will be able to manage and analyze all vertical services.

See you soon in Barcelona, drop by our stand (booth 3C140) for a Demo!

A PR will follow with details.