Microsoft Azure: Intelligent energy management is Cloud-based

Microsoft Azure: Intelligent energy management is Cloud-based
By leveraging Microsoft Azure infrastructure, tools and services, Intelen offers energy providers a versatile and flexible data analysis, strategic planning and customer digital management solution, while helping end users adopt an environmentally friendly attitude. 
«The energy market is transforming. Energy providers are becoming service providers. Our company is supporting this transformation. Our entire philosophy is based on Cloud infrastructure.»
Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Intelen CEO and co-founder.
Leveraging Cloud infrastructure to develop intelligent energy management applications is an excellent example that demonstrates how digital technology helps raise citizen awareness of environmental and natural resources protection.
Besides, any application that runs on the Cloud is in itself a «green» option, taking into account the reduced computing systems development costs, faster response and traveling times, real-time data analysis and anywhere access to systems and applications - and these are just a few of the Cloud elements that contribute to natural resources conservation.
This is particularly true when the main objective of the applications involved is the intelligent management of the energy consumed - from the household to the industrial plant.
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