Intelen Platinum Sponsor of the Networked Grid 2013, moving to New York and announcing US entry and products

Intelen Platinum Sponsor of the Networked Grid 2013, moving to New York and announcing US entry and products

Announcing the first installations in commercial buildings in Florida

Intelen, Inc. will announce its official entry to the US smart grid and building analytics market and some first installations in commercial buildings in Florida, integrating them in the cloud platform. The co-founder and CEO Vassilis Nikolopoulos will also present a Utility case study about corporate gamification and how to continuously engage consumers in commercial buildings and schools by combining building analytics and mobile game mechanics. The study will prove that Intelen’s products and engagement platform can drive humans towards energy efficiency fast and efficiently by creating a brand new reference consumption model for commercial buildings. Also, some very interesting extensions of Intelen’s cloud product will be presented, regarding new green skills standards for people based on impact factors and specific crowdfunding campaigns for commercial buildings to fund retrofits and energy efficiency interventions, based on Intelen’s engagement platform and behavioral analytics.

Employees compete and form internal green teams at companies to save energy

The consumers that are also employees of big commercial buildings (using Intelen’s mobile app) form internal green teams for raising awareness and for following behavioral demand response signals – generated by Intelen’s building analytics platform. The teams, using their smart phones, can monitor and have a daily visual on the building energy consumption.  They can also have access to various efficiency potential metrics and results, answers to sustainability surveys and awareness tests, follow behavioral efficiency events in real-time and win credits and rewards for good response to these events – by competing with other colleagues in the company.

Enhancing the interaction between people and buildings

In the words of Dr. Vassilis Nikolopoulos, CEO and co-founder of Intelen, Inc.:  “We are ready to offer great added-value products and services to the US market, by combining building analytics, cloud infrastructure and mobile game mechanics.  Our cloud product combines in one unified platform internal MDM modules for real-time quality data management from smart meters or utilities and big data analytics for identifying energy efficiency potential in commercial buildings.  That same cloud produce includes case-if-scenarios for predictive reporting on energy efficiency investments and an engagement platform that is based on our in.gage mobile application – enhancing the interaction between people and buildings which provides us with actionable behavioral analytics on human engagement in real-time. The results we have so far from pilot projects in commercial buildings and schools have indicated a drop in consumption that can reach up to 35% in exceptional cases.”

Intelen’s innovative approach and cloud products will create socially sustainable human communities by raising the awareness of employees and consumers in commercial buildings, in order to respond to behavioral events and save energy.

The company has received numerous awards, (including the Red Herring Global, Silicon Valley Launch and the OECD prize) and has already raised $250K in seed funding for product finalization and proof of value.  Intelen will announce a new bridging seed round from Angel investors for initial US expansion and US customer acquisition. Intelen is also relocating to New York City, initiating sales/retailer offices in Florida and California.