Why BiG? 3 innovation points of Intelen’s behavioral-based learning platform

Why BiG? 3 innovation points of Intelen’s behavioral-based learning platform

Both are achieved through behavioral change, understanding the personality of the people and providing a learning preposition to modify their behavior and habits during every day activities.

But how does BiG achieve that? There are three innovation points that make BiG unique.

One of the challenges of behavioral-based learning, especially in organizations, is to get people genuinely engaged to actively participate into the behavioral based learning activities. To address this, Intelen BiG is designed around a series of gamification principles, such as teams competing against each other, points being earned and prizes and badges being awarded.
A popular definition of gamification states that “[g]amification is an approach that uses game-based mechanics, aesthetics and game thinking to engage people, motivate action, promote learning and solve problems” (Kapp, 2012). It is appropriate for everyday situations and for getting people to do things they would ordinarily consider boring and or tedious. It infuses the elements of fun and competition in those tasks, thus making the behavioral learning process motivated and enjoyable and reinforcing its results. By combining point awards for every interaction with the content, team competitions and prizes, Intelen BiG does exactly that: it creates a fun process that provides motives for repeat interaction and conscious participation, thus increasing the participants’ engagement and the goals’ effectiveness.

Behavioral approach
Behavioral-based learning systems take into account each learner’s particular characteristics, providing learning material that fit their needs and personality. As such, they make the learning process more relevant and easier to absorb resulting in better, more sustainable results.
By tracking engagement and awareness metrics for each individual participant as well as for the teams, Intelen BiG is able to provide valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t, for each one of them. Then, as the games content can be easily modified or altered, those insights can be employed to adapt it to suit the learning style of the players, thus maximizing the  the game’s effect on their awareness, knowledge and behavior.

Social network effect
Most knowledge management systems (and behavioral learning systems are KMSs) tend to focus on the individual, ignoring or overlooking the potential, and the effect of, human communication and influence. Yet, any organization, no matter how loose it organizational culture is, is unavoidably made up of relations among the people that form communities and exercise, and / or are subjects of, intra community influence. As a result, any system looking to infuse knowledge to a group and change their behavior, should take into account those relations.
The main idea behind Intelen BiG is that people work together, act together, learn together. This is why the BiG games are based on the idea of teams competing against each other: with few exceptions people in teams are more likely to internalize information, perform better overall, try harder and give up less frequently. In addition, using BiG’s metrics within teams, one can also identify leaders and influencers, rewarding them and / or reassigning them to help spread the message more effectively.

More than the sum of its parts, it is the combination of these three key factors, coupled with intuitive design, ease-of-use and powerful metrics that show administrators the extend of the results with accuracy, that make Intelen BiG stand out as a unique platform for organizational engagement and culture dissemination, knowledge diffusion and behavioral change. And to deliver impressive results.

Ageliki Romanou
Engagement expert
Intelen, Inc

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