Intelen DiG for (de)regulated markets

Intelen DiG for (de)regulated markets

 In particular DiG’s benefits to both markets are:

  • Energy and load forecasting
  • Dynamic pricing through real-time energy monitoring
  • Ability to direct communication with customers informing them about DR events or power outages
  • Innovative services including real-time consumption & power monitoring, bill analysis combined with energy-savings tips, disaggregation consumption of appliances and personalized content to drive to awareness and savings

Our expertise in regulated market aims among others at:

  • Compliance with regulatory proceedings through the increase of customers’ savings and reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Quicker and easier reformation towards deregulation
  • Detection of energy losses and thieves
Our remedies for de-regulated markets concern among others:
  • Minimizing customer churn by increasing customer loyalty
  • Retaining and expanding clientele by providing innovative services
  • Alternative revenue streams based on customer profiles (segmentation of users)

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